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SY Doll Sex doll upgrade: Silicone Head 3-in-1

Mar 27,2024 | DreamLoveDoll


The modern sex doll market has evolved significantly, offering features that go beyond traditional expectations.   Among these innovations are 3-in-1 functions that cater to a range of desires, providing a deeply immersive experience.  

SY Doll, a pioneering brand in this field, offers customizations that include Automatic oral sex, vaginal suction, and Electric buttocks.   This comprehensive description will explore each function in detail, including the sensations they offer, pricing, and durability for long-term use.


Automatic oral sex

SY Doll's oral feature is not just an afterthought;    it's a meticulously designed experience.    The oral head is engineered to simulate oral sex with an oral clamp and automatic movement.    Unlike ordinary silicone heads, which cannot accommodate this function, SY Doll offers a silicone head with a customizable mouth and the option for TPE customization.    

The sensation is designed to mimic the nuances of real oral interaction, providing a warmth and pressure variation that closely replicates human oral sex.   Custom oral heating enhances the realism of your experience, transforming the doll from a simple object into a warm companion.

vaginal suction

For body sizes over 145CM, SY Doll offers a vaginal suction feature that elevates the experience of penetration to new heights. This function creates a vacuum sensation, simulating the feeling of suction during intercourse. The experience of vaginal suction is notably different from standard dolls, providing a gripping sensation that enhances the realism of the encounter.

Whether the doll includes this feature or not, users note a significant difference in the level of satisfaction and realism, making it a sought-after customization for those seeking an authentic sexual experience.


Electric buttocks

For dolls over 151CM, customization options include electric hips capable of mimicking the rhythmic, pulsating movements of twerking.  This feature bridges the gap between static and dynamic interaction, offering users a more engaging and realistic experience.

 The custom electric hips create a lifelike sensation of movement, adding a new dimension to the doll's capabilities.  Unlike static models, the twerking function offers a tactile feedback loop that mimics the natural movements of a partner, enhancing the overall sensation and realism of the experience.


Pricing and Long-Term Use

The addition of these advanced features comes at a premium, reflecting the increased complexity and materials required for their implementation. However, the price is often justified by the enhanced experience these functions offer, transforming the doll from a simple sex toy into a versatile companion.

Long-term use of these features has been reported to maintain their functionality well, with proper care and maintenance. The durability of SY Doll's customizations ensures that users can enjoy these immersive experiences for years to come, making it a worthwhile investment for those seeking the ultimate in sex doll technology.


The 3-in-1 custom doll by SY Doll promises a multifaceted experience that goes beyond traditional sex dolls.    With oral capabilities, vaginal suction, and Electric buttocks, this doll offers an unprecedented level of interaction and realism.    These features are designed to simulate the complexities of human sexual interaction, providing warmth, movement, and the sensation of being with a real partner.  

 The investment in such a doll is not just for the physical experiences it offers but also for the emotional and psychological satisfaction it can provide, making it a unique and valuable addition to one's personal life.    SY Doll's commitment to innovation and quality ensures that the 3-in-1 custom doll is not just a purchase but an experience that brings a new level of happiness and an improved sense of intimacy to the user.