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How to Make A Sexy Kiss?

Some people prefer a rougher, more intense kiss, while others want it slow and soft. For some, enjoyment of a kiss may depend entirely on the context. So how can make a sexy kiss?

Take care of your breath.

Take your breath into consideration. Bad breath or scummy teeth will always be a turnoff for a potential partner. It might seem trivial, but science says there are legitimate reasons we trip over someone's breath.

A partner subconsciously evaluates you by the way your breath smells and mouth tastes. Studies have shown that humans use kissing as a way to source out potential mates based on microbial makeups. By swapping saliva, you're able to tell if a person's immune system compliments yours. Evolutionary speaking, if you choose a mate with a complementary immune system, you'll produce stronger offspring. We know, science. So cool.

While a partner might not know why she finds your smell or breath so appealing (or not), science does. So, make sure you pop a mint to increase chances of success.

Get consent to kiss.

Asking for permission to kiss someone may seem stodgy, but it can honestly be hot. For some people, this is a sign of respect that will make them want to kiss you even more.

Introduce your tongue slowly.

Kissing with tongue (also known as French kissing) can be really pleasurable for some people, but you should make sure to introduce your tongue into your partner's mouth slowly and sensually. (Unless you've both verbalized that you're into more intense tongue action right off the bat.) As you may have experienced, an unexpected tongue darting in and out of your mouth can be an unwelcome surprise.


This kissing technique is about using your teeth when kissing your partner. The right way, of course, is being soft and gentle, not rough, harsh or forceful. The next time you kiss your man on the lips, slowly transition from using your lips to very gently squeezing his lips between your teeth. Next, start to slowly pull backward so that his lip slowly slide through your teeth. That's all there is to it. You can do this to both his top and bottom lip. Remember, the goal is not to hurt your partner; the goal is to give him a different sensation while kissing. Also, as you pull back, it's the perfect time to transition to giving him oral.


In the previous kissing technique, I said to slowly pull backward when you have your partner's lip between your teeth. This allows his lips to gently and smoothly slide out from between your teeth. The cool thing about this kissing technique is that you can do the same things with your lips as well (no teeth involved). Just squeeze his lip between yours and pull backward letting his lip slide out.

Gentle is usually best. Another way to suck on his lips is to suck on them like you would on a lollipop. To do this, take one of his lips into your mouth and gently suck on it.

Build your way up to sharing more saliva.

Among people who love French kissing, everyone has a different threshold for the intensity. Sharing each other's saliva can feel very intimate for some people, so it's best to build your way up slowly, and make sure your partner is enjoying it, too.

Keep your lips soft.

No matter how bomb your kissing technique, dry, cracked lips can make the experience uncomfortable for both partners. It's worth doing what you can to keep your lips soft for everyone's pleasure. If you're not a regular lip balm user, now would be the time to start. If you have a lot of dead, flaky skin on your lips, don't pick at it. This can lead to bleeding. Instead, regularly exfoliate your lips with a wet washcloth or a sugary lip scrub, and then apply a thick layer of moisturizing balm right before bed. Adding a humidifier to your bedroom while you sleep can add to this routine's moisturizing power.

Be in the moment.

If you're distracted, you might miss out on apparent cues that your partner is loving the kiss, like tiny moans or the way they're leaning into you. Being in the moment can also help you notice if your partner is doing something like slightly pulling away, in which case you can back off and make sure they're OK with continuing to kiss.

Finally, being in the moment allows you to fully give yourself over to kissing's heady rush. It's a classic way to make it a better experience for both of you.

Use The Right Amount Of Pressure.

One of the most basic ways that people mess up kissing is by going to extremes with the amount of pressure they use. Some people are way too forceful with their kisses, and wind up bumping teeth, pushing their partner backwards, or coming off as aggressive. Other people are shy and timid, and their kisses end up feeling lifeless. Think about handshakes: it feels strange when someone squeezes your hand way too tightly, and kinda creepy when you get a limp handshake. You have to use some pressure but not too much.

I know this will sound silly, but you can practice finding the right amount of pressure by using the back of your hand! Try pressing your lips loosely against your hand, then pressing them forcefully. From there, try to find a middle-of-the-road level of firmness that feels just right.

Be A Tease.

Teasing your partner between kisses is a ton of fun! Here are a few easy techniques to try:

Break away from a kiss and look your partner in the eye, with a sly smile on your face.

Pull your lips away and gently stroke their lower lip with your thumb.

Keep your slightly-open mouth close to theirs and breathe in and out together.

Brush your lips against your partner's, without actually kissing them.

Adapt Your Technique.

You can work on kissing techniques all you want, but the reality is that each person you kiss is going to have a different kissing style. When you're kissing someone, pay attention to what your partner is doing and what they seem to respond to best.

Are they moving their tongue very slowly? Do they let out a little moan each time you bite their lower lip? Try to adapt your routine to theirs.

Highlight The Tongue.

Keeping your lips soft and kissable is crucial, but it won't matter if you don't know how to use that tongue of yours. I'm not saying you should go full force with your tongue and engage in a tongue-takeover with your mate. I'm just suggesting being creative with your tongue activity. Lick your lovers lips with your tongue. Or, use more for a moment and then slow it down giving only a taste of your tongue.

Make Them Want More.

Leaving your kissing partner wanting more is key. Your partner shouldn't think, “well, I've seen it all” when it comes to your smooching skills. That's why changing it up with your speed, adding in new tricks and kissing at unexpected times will make your lover always wanting more. Furthermore, don't give away all your kisses at once. If you say, “I love you” all the time, sometimes it's not as special. Same goes with kisses, leave your partner wishing for more.

Take Your Time.

Arguably the best tip I could give you is to go slow and ease your way into every kiss. If you're feeling anxious about your kissing abilities, that anxiety is likely spurring you into rushing your way through it. But no one likes kissing someone who is hyperactive and all over the place. Kissing is supposed to be relaxing and sensual! Go nice and slow until you feel yourself start to settle down and get into the groove.

Focus On The Lips.

When you kiss someone with amazing lips, you usually feel like you're in kissing heaven. Take this one step further and make your lips taste delicious. This will work in your favor if you know your partner's favorite flavors.

But Don't Stick To Just The Lips.

You don't always need to strictly focus on your partner's lips only. Play with it! Go for his or her bottom lip sometimes, or even a kiss on the forehead can make your lover feel like a million dollars. Furthermore, bring the hickey back. They're not only fun to give, but even more fun to get.

Be gentle.

Does that mean no tongue? Not necessarily. Start with slow kisses, move to opening your mouth a little, and if it feels right, try a little tongue. If her kiss is passionate, she's ready to play. Match her aggressive style by sucking on her lips a little more forcefully. Use the tip of your tongue to play with hers. Maybe even a lit lip nibble could be nice.

Ear Action.

The last kissing technique involves your partner's ears. You may not know this, but ears are one of the most sensitive parts of the human body, so you can probably guess that kissing your partner on his ear is going to turn him on ... a lot. Kissing, and even lightly sucking, on your partner's ear is pretty easy.

Except this time, it's important to use an absolute minimum amount of pressure to make sure that you don't accidentally hurt your partner.

Hands on.

To make kissing a memorable experience for your man, get your entire body involved. One of the best parts of your body to use while kissing is your hands.

If you want, just leave them at your side, but this is incredibly boring. A slightly better way to use them is by wrapping them around your partner. An even better way is to run them up and down your partner's body, making sure to touch him in his most erogenous zones along the way. But, also use your hands to pull your partner in close to you.

By far the best way to use your hands is on your man's neck, head and face. You can slowly run your hands through his hair. Or, massage his neck with your fingers. You can even use your hands to tilt and change the angle of his face to alter the way you're kissing each other. Using your hands is one of the most powerful kissing techniques available for heightening the entire experience for your partner.

Location is important.

It's all about the location. Sure, a hot make-out session in bed is amazing. But so is grabbing a hold of your love and kissing him or her in the middle of a hike. Or, at a family gathering, pull your partner into a hidden and room and get your peck on. The best kiss can be when you least expect it, even if it's in a grocery store.

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